Applications: Managing lighting systems with HPS, HMI and LED lamps.



LUMINIBUS® is an integrated TELEMETERING system for intelligent management of public or private lighting systems for sodium (HPS), metal vapour (HMI) and LED lamps

Luminibus Schema Funzionamento

The lighting system is managed by LUMINIBUS® over the Internet (GPRS).

LUMINIBUS® enables receiving data from the lamp in order to know its operating status while simultaneously sending data to the lamp to implement a specific energy saving profile (programme).

Example of energy saving profile (programme).

Luminibus Riduzione Energetica

LUMINIBUS® allows the owner of the system to save up to 60%, divided into 50% of "energy savings" and 10% of "savings in system management."

LUMINIBUS® enables representing the entire lighting system on a geolocated map and highlighting lamps that have some kind of trouble.

In the photo: the green dots are the lamps installed, while the yellow dots represent lamps with some kind of trouble.

Luminibus Mappa Geolocalizzata

This can be printed out for the benefit of the maintenance engineer.

On the basis of the data collected by LUMINIBUS® it is possible to classify the various types of problems and decide what work is to be done in a targeted and optimized manner.

In the case of LED lamps, LUMINIBUS® is ideal because it allows you to combine the benefits of the above-mentioned cost savings with the inherent advantages of LED lighting.

LUMINIBUS® requires neither replacing old HPS lamps nor adding new cables.


Luminibus consists of 3 parts and works in 2 different ways:

Part 1

Luminibus Ballast

# 1 ballast M3-B for HPS lamps

Luminibus Ballast per Led

# 1 ballast PLN5/1 for LED lamps

Part 2

Luminibus Ballast per Led

#1 concentrator M3-C for 500 HPS or LED lamps

Part 3

M3-OS Manager Client Software

Luminibus Software

LUMINIBUS® can operate in two different ways: with ballast connected to the telemetering system or operating independently (standalone)


In the old lamp, the old reactor needs to be replaced with ballast M3-B
See the photo below

Luminibus Installazione Ballast 1 Luminibus Installazione Ballast 2

Straight after the system's medium-voltage transformer, it is necessary to install a data concentrator, M3-C

Luminibus Concentratore

This concentrator installed on the lamps can save, send and receive data to and from all the ballasts.

The concentrator M3-C contains a data-only SIM card, which enables connecting over the Internet (GPRS) to the client software M3-OS

The "M3-OS MANAGER" client software will then be installed on the computer of the system's owner and will permit data exchange to and from the system.

In this way data can be received in real time in order to know:

  • whether the lamp is "on", "off" or "faulty"
  • its operating voltage
  • its operating current
  • the power factor
  • its efficiency (in order to determine its useful life)
  • its hours of operation
  • a graph of its consumption
  • many other useful data for managing the system

It will also be possible to send profiles (programmes) to achieve energy savings.

Luminibus Riduzione Energetica


The ballast M3-B or the ballast PLN5/1 can function independently without being connected to LUMINIBUS®.

The electronics inside them enable saving up to 365 energy-saving light profiles, one for each day of the year.

These profiles can also be grouped into weeks or months.

The ballast is equipped with an internal astronomical clock and thanks to a special battery it can work for 15 years. This enables it to run the programmed profile each night in a timely and accurate manner.

In standalone operation, too, with our M3-B we can accomplish power reduction of as much as:

  • 50% for sodium or metal vapour lamps: this is possible thanks to the reduction in current and not to the reduction in the voltage of the lamp as occurred in old systems
  • almost 100% for LED lamps with PLN5/1: the control can even go so far as to switch off the lamp.

It is important to note that with LUMINIBUS® the average life of a HPS lamp triples. This is possible thanks to the nature of the electronic power supply in M3-B

Normally, with the savings in electrical energy and reduction in maintenance costs, it is possible to write off the cost of the LUMINIBUS® system in 2.5 / 3 years


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